From Concept to Couture

Chicago All Star Hoodie

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One of the things I love about living in the age we find ourselves in is the ability for everyone to be a maker. We are no longer confined by the visions or ideas of others due to the financial constraints from getting a product from design all the way to production. The age of the “one off” is alive and presents countless opportunities for those wishing to express themselves in ways outside of the cookie cutter parameters that once ruled us.

For me there is something very fulfilling about being able to take my own creation and spin it into reality. My designs are uniquely me; although, with a very strong sense of artistic remix. Taking existing designs and converting them into something that resonates with the like minds of the spaces I inhabit.

I like the uniqueness, and the sense of self pride, that comes with wearing my own brand. Of bringing it to the masses in hopes it will hold the same appeal for them as it does for me. And if for some reason I fail to hit the mark, I’m OK being the only one repping my wear.