The Bobber …

2023 Triumph Bonneville Bobber

This is more or less one of those stories that probably highlights more my unorthodox practice of how I end up acquiring items through my life instead of focusing on the actual motorcycle itself.

Over the past few months I noticed that there was a Harley-Davidson dealership somewhat close to my home. While running errands on a Saturday morning, and having a few minutes to kill, I thought I’d stop by and have a look around. What I was envisioning was a bike that had that “old skool” vintage look. I didn’t really have plans on buying one but was more looking to satisfy my curiosity as to whether the vintage motorcycle concept existed. After all, I’ve been seeing the vintage concept with modern day muscle cars for every bit of fifteen years or more.

Needless to say Harley did not have any offerings; however, as my fortune tends to go, this dealership was also associated with Triumph. And sure enough while perusing the showroom floor, I came across the Triumph Bonneville Bobber, which was EXACTLY what I had envisioned in my head.

The bike was so much of what I envisioned that it seemed almost by divinity, or pre-determined destiny, that to not make a serious pursuit of acquisition could be perceived as blasphemy. And what position was I really in to challenge either.

So last Saturday I picked the bike up and with two straight days of unseasonably warm, early March, Chicago weather I was able to get a few miles on ‘er before having to put the bike away for possibly another six to eight weeks.

Riding the “Bobber” was definitely a blast and a complete shift from my sportbike, which I also love, but find that I ride only maybe six times a year. To be honest, the sportbike was purchased to track; however, I have just not made it out to the track yet. With all that said, I somehow feel that I’ll find more opportunities to get the “Bobber” out during the season.

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